HB-CQS, Cessna P210N "Silver Eagle"

"The Silver Eagle Modification - a Pressurized Cessna 210 Aircraft modified with a Rolls-Royce (Allison) 450 hp Gas Turbine Engine". O&N Aircraft

Rolls-Royce Allison 250-B17F/2 gas turbine engine with a take-off rating of 450 SHP for 5 minutes and a continous rating of 380 SHP, TBO 3500 h

TAS 200 Kts at FL190 and 20 gal/h (79 Lt/h) Jet A1 fuel flow

Service ceiling FL230

Cabin pressurisation, cabin altitude 12000ft at FL230 (8000ft at FL190)

3-blades hot prop full feathering, reversible propeller

T/O distante max weight 400 m
LDG distance max weight 250 m

560 Lt tanks, 7 hours endurance at FL230

Full antiicing/deicing system (heated engine inlet, windshield and prop, wing and tail boots)

Payload 610 Kg, 6 seats cabin configuration


S-TEC 55 Autopilot w Altitude preselect

Flight Data Computer, Storme Scope, TCAD, electronic HSI (Bendix EHI 40)

complete co-pilot instrumentation

Max. T/O weight 1814 Kg








HB-CIC, Cessna C182TR "Turbo Retractable"

3-Blatt Hot Prop
TAS 160 kts
420 L Tanks
Range 1200 NM / 8hrs
Full IFR
King AP Flight Director with Altitude Preselect
Moving Map GPS
Flight Data Computer
Storm Scope
Fuel Computer
Engine Monitor
Max. T/O weight 1407 Kg

Attualmente presso il gruppo volo a motore Luftsportverein Rietberg e.V., immatricolato "D-ELIC".